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Croatia Entry Requirements

Croatia removed all COVID-related border crossing restrictions for entry to Croatia. Travelers are no longer required to present any COVID-19 certificate or proof of vaccination, proof of a negative COVID-19 test (PCR and/or serology) or a certificate of recovery to enter Croatia, regardless of their citizenship. There are no health screening procedures in place at airports and other ports of entry.

Since the validity of the Decision on Temporary Restriction of Crossing the Border Crossings of the Republic of Croatia, which was valid until 30 April 2022, has not been extended, the entry into the Republic of Croatia is allowed subject to the conditions of entry valid before the COVID 19 epidemic.

Travelers do not need to fill in the ‘Enter Croatia’ form, and quarantine does not apply anymore.

There are currently no epidemiological restrictions for businesses and individuals in Croatia, apart from mandatory masks in health services facilities.

Please do check your country's requirements for flying back in from Croatia. The COVID-17 test can be done at the Zagreb airport.

*Note*: Entry requirements are subject to change at any time without notice. The Croatian Border Police have final authority regarding entry into Croatia.

The above is updated on 18.5.2022.

Some useful information on how to get to Zagreb by plane, train, bus or car are listed below.

By air

Zagreb international airport is directly connected to major European cities. It is well connected with the city centre by bus and taxis. Croatian air transport company is called “Croatia Airlines”.

Useful links:

Transportation to/from the airport – shuttle bus

There is an airport shuttle bus, operated by “Pleso prijevoz“. You can buy the tickets in advance using their online payment. A one-way ticket costs 35 HRK and may be bought from the driver, but make sure you have local currency (Kuna, HRK). (The approximate exchange rate as of February 2022 is 1 EUR = 7.52 HRK, and 1 USD = 6.68 HRK.)

The bus has two terminals, one located at the Airport, and the other located at the Main Bus Station in Zagreb (Autobusni kolodvor, Avenija Marina Držića 4). It also makes a few stops (on request), one in New Zagreb, and one close to the “Vatroslav Lisinski” concert hall.

The bus terminal at the Airport is located just outside the airport building. Buses run at half-hour intervals for most of he day. See bus schedule.

Once at the Main Bus Station, there is a taxi station and a tram station right in front of the building.

Transportation to/from the airport – ZET public transport

The cheapest option to get to the city is by public transportation operated by ZET (more about ZET tickets and operations is here). There is bus line 290 that is operating from the airport to the Kvaternik Square. The bus operates in 2 zones. The ticket is 20 HRK and may be bought from the driver, but make sure you have local currency (Kuna, HRK) (The approximate exchange rate as of February 2022 is 1 EUR = 7.52 HRK, and 1 USD = 6.68 HRK.) The bus is leaving approximately every 30 minutes. The timetable is here and here is bus route.

Transportation to/from the airport – taxi

A more comfortable option to get to the city from the airport is to take a taxi. The taxi terminal at the Airport is located just outside the airport building. Taxi ride from the airport to the city center costs approximately 160-200 Croatian kunas (22 – 26 €).

Several taxi operators can be used. It is advisable to either order a taxi by phone or agree on the price before entering the vehicle to avoid being cheated. Taxi fares in Croatian kuna (kn or HRK) can be found on these sites (in no particular order):

Taxis also offer a safe and convenient late-night transfer for bar-hopping.

By train

Useful links:

By bus

Useful links:

By car

A driver’s licence, car papers and all relevant insurance documents (except for countries that have other regulations) are necessary to enter Croatia with a vehicle.

If you decide to rent a car, you can do it at any major airport, as well as in the city, but it is generally a good idea to make your reservations in advance.

Croatian National Tourist Board has more information.

Weather forecast

You can check the latest weather forecast for Zagreb here.

Planning your travel

Start making your travel plans early, as June is already the beginning of the tourist season in Croatia and (especially airplane) tickets may be more difficult to get for a specific date. Also, nationals of some countries need a visa to enter Croatia – if you need a visa, make sure to apply well in advance.

Visa requirements

Citizens of some countries need an entry visa for the Republic of Croatia. Current visa regulations are given at the web site of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs. For an overview of diplomatic missions and consular offices of the Republic of Croatia and all information regarding visa requirements please follow the link: Visa requirements overview – Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

Getting a visa

The conference policy is that invitation letters can be issued only to registered authors of accepted papers and conference committee members. Registration fees must be paid in full before the letter is provided. Letters will only be sent by e-mail or fax and only to the authors registered for the conference.

To apply for an invitation letter please do the following:

  1. Register for the conference.

  2. Book your accommodation.

  3. Send an e-mail to the organizers (, Subject: IAS-17 Invitation Letter, providing the following data:

  • First and Last name,

  • Date and place of birth,

  • Citizenship,

  • Passport number, date and place of issuance, validity date,

  • Your address,

  • Your occupation,

  • Address of your institute/company

  • The address at which you will be staying during the visit to Croatia (e.g. hotel address)

  • Contact details

  • Attachment 1: A signed letter from your institute/company filled in according to the following template

  • Attachment 2: A copy of the letter confirming the reservation of your accommodation in Croatia